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Volunteers are the lifeblood of MTBSA. It is the couple hundred volunteers that make it possible for us to provide a quality Baseball or Softball experience for the 1300 youths in our programs. This is a tremendous undertaking. We have close to 120 teams that require coaches and umpires on the 23 fields we maintain in partnership with Montgomery Township and the North Penn School District. MTBSA understands that not everyone wants to be, or can be a head coach or assistant, but we need help in so many other areas that do not require any knowledge of the game. Below is a list of some of the events and positions that we need to support MTBSA. If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions or events, please contact the President, Tracy DLorenzo at .



Registration Days: Registration for the upcoming spring season is normally held in the beginning of December. We need folks to help with questions regarding the forms and the league, payment, sponsorship and selling some MTBSA shirts, sweaters, etc. Contact us now!

Special Events Committee: We are looking for a chairperson for this committee who would be responsible for planning and execution of all special event activities as directed by the Board, to include the annual events of Picture Day and Home Run Derby Day. We need more people to keep these events moving along. Tasks for these events include; organizing the players, setting up tents and tables, keeping score of events, cooking hot dogs, cleaning up after the events are over, etc. These are two very busy and great MTBSA events to participate in.

Field Maintenance Committee: We are looking for two motivated people to head our Field Maintenance Committees (Softball and Baseball). Each chairperson would be responsible for working with their league commissioners to coordinate resources that will be responsible for the maintenance of our fields throughout the season. These teams will be asked to perform the following tasks on a routine basis: rake and line the fields, ensure supplies are available at each field, contact volunteers and organize field day at each of the venues, recommend any improvements at each venue that we can bring back to the Park Board to address. The coaches should be focusing on getting the players ready and not the field. MTBSA is looking to implement a better system this year to ensure all of our fields are ready to go every night and weekend so coaches and kids can focus on playing the games.

Fundraising Committee: We are looking for someone to lead our fundraising committee. Initially we are looking for someone to help with the development of a good selection of Spirit Wear that we can order and resell at our Photo Day and Home Run Derby Events. Any additional fundraising activities that would help serve the organization can be identified and presented to the league for consideration.

Sponsorship Committee: We are looking for a highly motivated individual to lead our sponsor committee. This person would work to identify businesses in the area that may be willing to purchase a billboard for our fields or just sponsor a team. The letters are already drafted and there is an existing list to start with. Committee chair person would need to identify a couple of individuals to work with them to complete the following task: document the billboard purchasing process, follow up on letters for solicitation, provide photo day list for plaque creation, update MTBSA web page with sponsor detail, ensure inclusion on annual Thank You Advertisement. These sponsorships help us to keep our overall cost down to run the league and these businesses get exposure to over 900 families in the community.

FAQ's for Volunteers:
Q: How do I get involved?
A: Contact an MTBSA representative at registration or any other MTBSA event, or simply call them on the phone or send an email and let them know that you would like to get involved. League officials email addresses can be found in the "Board" area of the website.

Q: What if I volunteer, the league assigns me a task, but I cannot help due to scheduling, family commitments, etc?
A: The league appreciates any and all help. If you cannot fulfill your commitment, call the person who asked for your help and let them know.

Q: How much time will these tasks I volunteer for take?
A: Some task take a few hours, some task go on for months.
For more information pertaining to the MTBSA organization, please contact: Tracy DiLorenzo at .