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5 Year Old T-Ball Rules


Goal: This level of baseball is to introduce the players to fundamentals of baseball, team work and sportsmanship. There is no score keeping, no wins or losses, just plain fun!

1.00 - The Playing Field
1.01 The base paths will be 50 feet in length and pitchers rubber will be 38 feet from the home plate.
1.02 A semi-circle (foul line) of 10 feet in radius will be laid out in front of home plate.

2.00 - Equipment
2.01 Players at this level are expected to have a glove. Gloves will not be provided by the league and are required to play in the field.
2.02 A team bat will be provided by the league. This bat will be shared by the team and is not personal to anyone. You may use your own bat provided it meets the current bat regulations.
2.03  It is the responsibility of the player to bring their own helmet to every game and practice. They are not provided by the league. If a player forgets their helmet, they will not be permitted to bat during the game or practice unless a replacement is found.
2.04 The baseball used in this division of play is the incrediball. This is the only ball to be used at this level of play.
2.05 Cleats are not required at this level of baseball however, they are encouraged. Metal cleats will not be permitted and only rubber cleats are allowed. Sneakers will be permitted.
2.06 Athletic cups are recommended, not required at this level.
2.07 No shorts or jewelry should be worn during practices or games to ensure player safety.

3.00 - Coaches/Managers
3.01 Coaches and Managers as well as any helping parents must always set a good example of sportsmanship for players and spectators.
3.02 Coaches will meet before the beginning each game to go over ground rules and cover any questions.
3.03 Injured player MUST be attended to immediately. If necessary, emergency forms must be filled out and can be found online under coach resources. Coaches should have these forms printed out at games and practices to ensure full details are enclosed. Commissioners should be contacted if an event like this occurs. First aid kits and ice packs will be provided to coaches prior to the season. Additional kits will be located in the field boxes. If items are needed, please contact the commissioner.
3.04 Coaches are responsible for communicating all practices, games, and events to their team and parents in a timely manner.
3.05 Remember to keep it simple. Every coach should be more concerned with the players learning how to play the game rather than who wins or loses. There are NO losers, we are all winners! Always use ENCOURAGEMENT AND ENTHUSIASM!

4.00 - The Game
4.01 Rainouts will be cancelled and rescheduled by the commissioner and can be viewed on the website. Players MUST show up to their scheduled game/field time (unless notified before hand) and any cancellations may be done up to 15 minutes after the start time of the game.
4.02 Game length will be a 1.5 hour max or 4 innings, whichever comes first (weather permitting).

5.00 - Offense
5.01 Three coaches may be used on offense. One to assist the batter and two coaches for coaching the bases.
5.02 Each player is placed in number sequence for the batting line-up. Every player bats each inning. If a player cannot bat his/her turn, the batting order continues.
5.03 Outs still count, although are unlimited until the whole line-up has batted for that inning. If a player makes an out, they are counted as an out and continue to run the bases until they reach home plate. This continues until the team goes through their line-up one time. The last batter can run the bases until he/she touches home plate without being tagged.
5.04 After the coach adjusts and places the ball on the tee, the player cannot hit the ball until that coach yells play ball.
5.05 The ball must travel past the semi-circle for it to be a fair ball. No balls or strikes will be called and the game can be stopped at any time for instructional purposes.
5.06 When the ball is hit into the outfield, the batter may run the bases until the ball is returned to the infield. The runner must stop at the base he/she is at. If he/she is advancing to the next base already, he/she may continue to the next base.
5.07 If the batter throws the bat, he/she will be given two warnings. After that, he/she will be called out.
5.08 Runners may ONLY take one base on balls which stay on the infield.
5.09 The following is NOT ALLOWED: lead offs, stealing, sliding at home, pinch hitting, infield fly rules or protesting.

6.00 - Defense
6.01 Up to three coaches may be used to assist the defense. They are to be located behind the infield and in front of the outfield.
6.02 The defensive team will field up to 12 players.
6.03 Each inning players must be rotated from infield to outfield to bench depending on the amount of players at the game
6.04 A team must have at minimum, a pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, short stop, and third base. All remaining players (up to 6 more) should be placed at different points of the outfield.
6.05 Outfielders MUST throw the ball to the infield. They are not allowed to tag a base or a runner.
6.06 The pitcher MUST remain in the circle that is drawn around the pitchers mound until the ball is hit.
6.07 The defensive team may get a batter out by catching a fly ball OR tagging 1st base before the batter gets there.
6.08 Runners on base may be forced out or tagged out per regulation baseball rules.
6.09 The following is NOT ALLOWED: baseline interference, running on any overthrows, or protests.
6.10 All defensive plays stop once the ball reaches the infield. Runners may continue to advance to the base they were going to at their own risk but may be forced tagged out. Any player that continues past the base they were going to must return to that base with no penalty.
6.11 There will be no plays at home plate. No out can be made at home plate.
6.12 The catcher must stand away from the batter until the ball is hit to ensure their safety.
Any issues regarding rule clarity will be settled by managers of the game and later reviewed by the commissioner and VP of Baseball. No rule should hold up progess of a game, compromise.

Any rule not specified in the above sections, may result to Official MLB regulations.

Revised as of 3/6/2015