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Our Connie Mack League

Connie Mack Baseball is a community based baseball league est. in 1953 for players ages 13-16. Games are played on a regulation, full-sized baseball field with 90' bases and a 60' 6" pitcher's mound.  The league is managed by an elected Board of Directors who works to maintain the integrity of organization, its mission and all programs & leagues associated with it. It sets the rules that govern the league, it’s member associations and all rules of play.  Detailed League information can be found on the league’s website at www.bmcm.homestead.com .you will find such info as current teams in the league, field locations as well as rules governing member association boundaries and rules of play. Note that each organization has a defined territory from where it may draw players. The majority of which is defined by high school boundaries therefore this league is a benefit to all who aspire to play high school baseball. This organization has a large membership with over 30 organizations represented from Bucks and Montgomery Counties.  














Upper Makefield



King  Of Prussia




Upper Moreland

Central Perk






Upper Perk

Deep Run


Lenape Valley


Plumstead Twp





Lower Prov Twp.







Middletown Twp.





Hatboro Horsham


Montomery Twp.






There is also a link on the league site to the CM Lehigh Valley Division, which manages 25 organizations spread over Lehigh, Northampton and Monroe Counties.

The Connie Mack experience is a look into the future of who our players might play with &/or compete against in the coming high school years. The entire Connie Mack program is full of opportunities for all talents levels and this is why Montgomery is an active member & supporter of this community league.



Baseball is a difficult sport that requires effort, commitment and practice to achieve even a modest level of success. In order to achieve our MTBSA goal a Commitment Level is required by all involved. Participation at this level requires not only a commitment from every player, but a commitment from every parent & coach as well. Games are no longer in the neighborhood. Parents & coaches will be required to travel to game locations that are sometimes 45-60 minutes away. All we ask is that you support each other & your respective teams by making every effort to attend all practices & games on your schedule. In return, MTBSA & the CM program will commit to providing quality fields to play on, proper equipment and uniforms along with a top notch volunteer effort to ensure the kids enjoy their baseball experience to the fullest.


Our goal at MTBSA Connie Mack is to provide a quality program for all registered players to enjoy and experience. Bottom line is every registered player will be placed & play on a team.

The league is comprised of the following levels of play:

A Team -  Is highest level of competitive Baseball at the Connie Mack 13-16 age group.  It is made up of the top players in the program. Typically a 20 game season, followed by post season league & State playoff tournament. Top seeded teams from the Bux-Mont Playoff tournament advance to the State tournament.

B1 Team - “B1” is highly competitive baseball. It is comparable to travel baseball.  Teams play an 18 game schedule.  It is expected that the player will have 100% commitment. 

followed by post season playoff tournament.  

B Team -  “B” is competitive baseball. Teams play a 16 to 18 game schedule, followed by post season playoff tournament.  

 C1 Team - 13 - 14 years old. “C1” is a highly competitive league for the more advanced 13 year old players. Teams may have up to (4) 14 year olds per team. Typical season consists of 16 games and post season playoffs.  100% committment is required.

C Team - 13 - 14 years old. The “C” league is for 13 and 14 year old players. It’s a developmental / introductory league with minor rule modifications in order to transition players from 70” fields to the larger official 90’ field.  Teams play a 16 to 18 game schedule. There is a post season tournament at the end of the season.

  1. CM Tryout Divisions:

A League  - Tryouts for this team

B1 League - Tryouts for this team

C1 League - 13 and up to (4) 14 year olds Try outs for this team

**players who don’t make a team will be placed on an age / talent appropriate team in the B or C division.


  1. CM Non-tryout Division ( Draft leagues)

B League 14 to 16 year olds –Coach attend a draft & select players

C League 13 & some 14 year olds – Coach attend a draft & select players.

**all players who choose not to tryout will be selected & placed on a team


  1. Senior Connie Mack Division:

Sullivan Division - for young men ages 17-19

Hostelley Division – for players ages 20 to 39

There are no territorial restrictions in Senior Connie Mack therefore teams may be comprised of other organizations as they might not have the player support to create and maintain a team.

These teams are usually player organized and managed. Season runs from Mid June through Mid August.

Games are player Weds Nights & Sunday afternoons.

The ages & division breakdowns are a general guideline. Any player may play above or and in certain special instance below their age group.

It all depends on several factors that relate to ability, talent, strength, safety and team needs as well as available roster space. Note at this level playing time is not guaranteed. That said we do ask all coaches make every effort to play all players in various situations throughout each game and season.